University Summer Youth Programme

26th March 2018

2018 Summer Youth Programme

Open for application

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The 6 days 5 nights summer camp provides students with opportunities to experience university life, to expand their horizon and to spend their summer holidays fruitfully.

Through Project-based Learning, students can develop their interests and learn the latest information technologies. In addition, through physical training exercises, seminars, talks and touring, students can learn team building, leadership skills and communication skills. Meanwhile, they are introduced critical thinking skills and the latest scientific knowledge for holistic development.


Special features of this Summer Camp:
•University life
•various seminars on specific topics
•professional instructors
•oratory training and communication skills training
•life science learning and general studies seminars
At PolyU
Other training, talks and touring
•issue-based learning
•scientific experiment contests
•leadership training
•oratory training
•special talks by University lecturers ( on environmental protection, disparity between the rich and the poor)
•life science lessons
•general studies seminars