Programme Details – Other skills training, lectures and visits

Programme Details – Project Learning Programme Details – Other skills training, lectures and visits Registration Timetable  Summer Camp Policy Application Form

(B) Other skills training, lectures and visits

In the summer camp, students must attend (A) Project Learning (Around 20-22 hours of thematic-learning) + (B) Other skills training, lectures and visits (Non-thematic learning)

The summer camp is equipped with other skills training, lectures and visits.

Leadership Training

Through a series of workshops and training, students understand how to be a good leader. And they also can discover their strengths and weaknesses in different leadership areas.

Life Science Class

Students learn general science including mechanics, optics, electronics, and scientific knowledge in fun scientific experiments.

General Studies Project

General Studies Project let students understand the methodology of social science exploration. Students create questionnaire, collect data and analyze data to draw rational comments and suggestions.


Each student will only visit 2 Places (1 Campus Visit + 1 Site Visit)

(I) Campus visit


(II) Site visit (Each student visit only one location, students cannot choose the location)

1. Kai Tak Cruise Terminal: A cruise ship terminal that opened at the former Kai Tak Airport runway, the cruise terminal can accommodate up to 2 super cruise. The Hong Kong Government aims to develop Hong Kong into a regional cruise centre.

2. Wan Chai Environmental Resource Centre: The centre is the former Wan Chai Post Office built in 1913, which has been declared as a monument. Since 1993, it has been converted to the first environmental resource centre of the Environmental Protection Department. The centre aims to promote the culture of green living, cultivate the public awareness on environmental protection and promote environmental education, develop innovative and lively environmental educating materials and activities.

3. Fire Services Department (Fireboat): Fireboats are important facilities for the fire protection at sea in Hong Kong. The Marine Division is equipped with eight fireboats, a diving support vessel and two diving support speedboats. These vessels are operated by the complement of fireboat crews Students will learn about the daily operations of fire fighting at sea and their applications.


4. T‧PARK: “T” REPRESENTS “TRANSFORMATION” T · PARK signifies the continuous drive to shape Hong Kong’s “waste-to-energy” ambitions for the good of the community. It also reflects a vision to encourage positive change in people’s attitudes and behaviours towards waste management and resource recovery and recycling. T · PARK is more than just a plant, but a place to learn and engage in Hong Kong’s green force through its recreational and educational facilities.

5. Marine Police East Police Station: The Marine police from the station will brief students on the facilities. The Marine police introduce the police work in a lively and interesting manner. Students will learn the latest development and importance of the marine police work.

6. Hong Kong Blind Union:  Hong Kong Blind Union was established in 1964. It is the first self-help group organized and managed by people with visual impairment. It aims at promoting the spirit of self-help and mutual-help as well as striving for equality, opportunities and independence for visually impaired persons. In the visit, visually impaired person will introduce their daily life and teach the students how to communicate with them.

7. Zero Carbon World: ZCB is the first Zero Carbon Building in Hong Kong. Developed by the Construction Industry Council in collaboration with the Hong Kong Government, it aims to showcase the state-of-the art eco-building design and technologies to the construction industry locally and internationally and to raise community awareness of low carbon living in Hong Kong.

It is the first project completed under the Energizing Kowloon East initiative of the Hong Kong Government. Located at the heart of Kowloon Bay, the upcoming vibrant premier business district in Hong Kong, ZCB is a green oasis in a densely populated urban area.

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